Boiled Noir
Age 42
Alias N/A
Race Earth Pony
Occupation Private investigator
Base Office


Boiled Noir is an earth pony with a black mane and brown coat, his cutie mark is a golden horsesho with a wad of gum on it. He has an X shaped scar between his eyes.


Skill with weaponry, mild underworld connections.


His "Lucky" bit.


Heavy drinker and smoker, can't so no to a bet. Stickler for money.


Nothing more then a PI would normally wear, trench coat and fedora


Born into a middle class family he was always interested in noire films wanting to emulate the hard boiled PI's on screen; he scrounged together what bits he could, changed his name, and started his own agency.

He's done more then his fair share of jobs for high level clientele. But he's also made more then a few mistakes landing him in hot water more times then not.

Psychological ProfileEdit

Heavy gambling addiction shows curious lack of judgement. Need for bits suggests he is easily bribed.

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