Game Guy
Age 25
Alias Grey Hat
Race Earth Pony
Occupation Game Designer
Base Penthouse


Guy is a Silver-grey earth pony, his cutie mark is a bit in an arcade machine.


Guy is a master hacker, with some mild self defence training.


A hoofmade hacking A.I. stored in a portable device with a moldable port allowing access to basically any machine.


Is a regular pony.


Grey tuxedo (pants included to cover mark) with matching top hat and masquerade mask.


Born triplets of all three races he was the Earth Pony. Him and his brothers were great with technology and eventually became great hackers. But they had different ideas on how to use hacking; the first born (unicorn) wanted to use it for good. The youngest (pegasus) wanted to use it for personal gain. The middle (Game Guy) just wanted to play it as it lay and do it as needed. The three went their own ways becoming White, Grey, and Black hat.

He only hacks villains, those who pay him to test security and complete and utter flank holes. Any money he takes is given to charity (a modern day Robbin Hoof if you will) and any useful code he only uses for himself never his company.

Psychological ProfileEdit

Game Guy is very boastful, but easily accepting of help. He is considered to be generous due to his hacking escapades, often stealing from large buisnesses and giving to the poor.

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