Francesco Blurwing
Age 28
Alias Kairos
Race Griffon
Occupation History Professor/Buisness Owner
Base Penthouse


Karios is a unique girffon, as he has the colouration of a blue jay. He has a blue coat, feathers and a black beak.


Francesco has the ability to occasionally see into the future, and incredible luck. He is very well read in ancient civilizations, owns multiple companies, and has mastered many weapons.


Francesco uses a variety of gadgets that imitate items from his favorite subject: history. His favorite weapon is an extendable spear.


He is a normal giffon.


A cross between ancient greek armor and modern technology.


As a small griffin, Francesco has always been considered "lucky". He has won the lottery many times and avoided near death situations, among other things. It was not until his late teens that he started having visions of the future, and that he fully understood his "luck". He subconsciously saw events happen in the future, and his mind steered him in a way that would best benefit him. With this understanding, he made a fortune in the stock market and has acquired many companies.

Psycological ProfileEdit

Introvent and quiet, quick to jump on somebody when they say something he finds to be stupid or incorrect.

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