Age 39
Alias Kuleco
Race Pegasus
Occupation Mercenary


Hailstorm has a green coat and a red mane with white streaks. His cutie mark is covered by a series of vicious scars and marks.


No super natural abilities, ferocious hand to hand and aerial fighter, great level of manipulation and trickery. Shows a decent understanding of technology.


Uses weather themed weapons such as a a "lightning blaster" (a heavily modified stun gun) and  more conventional weapons such as knives.


Has no actual powers, often endangers himself and his partners.


Wears a black form hugging suit with a white lightning bolt going up the middle on the underside, the mask has eye slits for him to see.


What exactly transpired to turn the kindhearted weather manager Hailstorm into Kuleco is unclear but after being called away to Cloudsdale for a meeting he and his partner were considered lost in an unexplained hurricane. Only a week later the head of the Weather Factory was found dead with his head caved in by a humongous hailstone from the production line. Ever since Hailstorm has been attacking anypony he comes across in some blind attempt at revenge; with no clue who caused the storm that, presumably, killed his partner Kuleco seems content to simply kill without aim on the offchance that he will catch them in the cross fire.

Psychological Profile

Kuleco is utterly in-discriminant about who lives and who dies because of his actions, including himself as he has no fear that a Hero will one day end him. He may even be somewhat wishing for it; but he will not be content with that until he has some assurance that he has gotten the ponies responsible for his pain.

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