Lewis "Hawxton" Berne
Age 40
Alias Hawxton
Race Griffon
Occupation Buisnessman
Base Red Feather Bar


Berne has striking deep green eyes and a black beak. As a griffon, he is quite a bit larger than the average pony. He has a strong Hawxton accent when not on the job.

He has a plumage of large orange tipped feathers, and a light brown coat of fur.


Hawxton has no supernatural powers, he does have increased reaction speeds and incredible intelligence.


Berne often forgoes weapons in favor of his own talons and never sticks to one set of gadgets, often destroying them to rid himself of evidence.


His methodical nature makes unpredictability his bane.


Plague doctor mask which covers face and beak, known to dress in full suits for crimes in order to help hide his identity.


Lewis Berne is an infamous thief and criminal hailing from his girffon homeland, he displayed extraordinary intelligence at a young age earning him a place in a prestigous place at a giffon university; where he quickly outpaced his peers. He always enjoyed playing poker, claiming "controlling others is challenging, I like a challenge."

He committed his first crime at the age of 20, robbing a local jewlery store in his home district of Hawxton, earning him his nickname. He proceeded to commit several more high profile robberies before moving to Maretopolis to utilise the offshore fortune he had amassed, despite his seemingly endless riches he contiues his illicit parctices.

Psychological Profile

Berne is a known psychopath, despite his calm demenor and cool voice he has earned the scorn of several heroes and villains for his incredibly manipulative attitude. Berne's entire career  revolves around careful planning, its a common proverb to those that know him that he always has a backup plan. Rumored to become incredibly violent when things go wrong.

Berne holds a large amount of influence in the criminal underworld, often playing enemy gangs against each other and bribing guards in order to get his way; unless they disapear mysteriously. It's uknown wether Hawxton lusts for money and power, or simply enjoys manipulating those around him.

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