Little Horn
Age Unkown/Filly
Alias None
Race Unicorn
Occupation Student
Base Resedential home with family.


Little Horn is a small tan filly with a brown mane, who has not yet earned her cutie mark.


Levitation, short distance teleportation and blue Laser spells from her horn.


Little Horn is still very young, as such she has not yet fully grown into her powers.


She wears light blue boots with a dark blue mask, a black body suit, and a small belt with her saddle bags hanging on her sides. A small pair of goggles adorn her eyes over her mask. 


Little Horn grew up living under the shadow of such legendary heroes as her grandfather, Grand Horn, and her Father, Big Horn.  Following in her family's hoof-steps, this 3rd generation hero may be small, but she is full of surprises!

Little Horn is the grand daughter of the late Grand Horn, a super hero of renown in Maretropolis.  She never got to know her grand parents, so her father, Big Horn, trained her in magic theory and sent her to magic school to learn all she can about magic.  Once she graduated magic Kindergarten, she was enrolled in a private magic school, where she met several future heroes.  She secretly designed her own costume and is planning find a mentor out there (or her fellow young friends from school) to help her. 

Her powers are from training her latent magical abilities with her father, who has since retired.

Psychological ProfileEdit

Little Horn can come across as a little impatient, especially when it comes to earning her cutie mark.  She hopes to earn her cutie mark in super heroism.  Other than that. this little filly is smart, friendly, and enjoys learning about magic at her school (when she is nor out fighting crime).

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