Cog Work
Age 22
Alias Living Shadow
Race Pegasus


Work is a pegasus pony with a red coat, which has paculiar silver streaks running down it. He has an unkempt mane of black and silver. His eyes are a deep green. His cutie mark is a screwdriver and wrench crossed in front of a cog.


Morphing abilities, can turn his limbs into various weapons. Such as a blade, a harpoon type arm and two large hammers. Can consume opponents im order to regenerate himself.


Exposure to exolium causes unpredctable effects to his powers, if injected directly into his bloodstream it is lethal. Has a tough time dealing with attacks from long range.


Black hooded jacket with red threading on the back. Simple blue jeans.


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Psychological ProfileEdit

Prone to bouts of blind rage.

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