Thought Guide
Age 20
Alias Minds Eye
Race Unicorn
Occupation Psychiatrist
Base Subrban Home w/ underground lair


Guide is a young unicorn with a yellow coat and blue mane. His cutie mark is off the all seeing eye.


Mind control, Thoughtseeing, The ability to plant or remove thoughts and feelings. He does this with his own spells, lacking any effective "superpowers." His mind is his greatest weapon, and he uses it to its greatest effect. He rarely enters battle himself, letting his thralls do the job for him. Highly intelligent.


Two loaded pistols and a dagger.


Relies heavily on various relic collected over the years to fund his powers, his power can run out like regular magic.


He grew up in manehattan to a moderately wealthy family. He discovered his abilities early through extensive studies. Doing what any intelligent young pony would, he decided to use his powers for the greater evil. After all, what fun is having mind control powers if you can't mind control ponies?

Psychological ProfileEdit

Calculating. Always calculating. Suave, takes what he desires with words instead of brawn, and hasn't lost yet. If he were to lose, its assumed he would enter an enraged state of mind.

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