Age 22
Alias Virus
Race Unicorn
Occupation Secretary
Base Small Apartment


File is a unicorn with a pink mane and gray coat. Her cutie mark is a biohazard logo.


Incredible knowledge of viruses, both biological and technological.


Techno suit made to improve her own stamina due to her weakened state from illnesses as kid, various viruses in usb drives and the suit.


File suffers from numerous deficiencies from when she was a filly, as a result she is very weak without her suit.


A gas mask and a technologically advanced suit. (black with white wires)


As a filly she was ill almost all the time. In the hospital she occupied herself by reading about whatever was ailing her at the time. She wanted to someday become a doctor but that didn't pan through because of her family's low income. She eventually took a job at a game company to try to earn some money and go to school to fulfill her dream. While there she started tinkering with computers and combine her knowledge of how a virus works and computer code to make viruses to sell and make the money faster.

She's worked for Game Guy for a few years and dated him for a bit until she discovered he's Grey Hat. The two of them have an agreement to keep the others identity a secret.

Psychological ProfileEdit

Kind and caring or cruel and unforgiving, suggesting possible bi-polar disorder.

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